Reflecting on my Yoga Teacher Training Course

“Devote yourself here and now to the search for the Truth that is ever within you”

-Sri Ramana Maharshi 

Almost a year ago now, I was fortunate enough to fulfil one of my goals – to continue my own personal yoga journey and complete a Yoga Teacher Training Course in India. It was to be the final chapter in my exciting book of travelling the world, and I am happy to say that it was one of the best decisions of my life.

The past years of travels had inevitably led to much soul searching, self-reflection and discovery and I was excited to continue this through a new venture and challenge. But even with such excitement and expectation, I don’t think I could have ever really imagined how rewarding and life-changing this experience would be for me.

The 200 hour YTTC was the greatest gift I gave myself in those two years of travel. For one, it offered me the physical challenge that my body was craving. Through hours of daily practice I learnt to appreciate the power and vulnerability of my own body. Yes there were mornings that practice was exhausting and a struggle to get through, and for sure there were days that I pushed myself beyond my limitations. But as the days and weeks went by it was clear to see how much progress can be made if you practice with respect and listen to your own ability.

Classes in teaching methodology and practical workshops allowed me to realize my potential of sharing this wonderful practice with others. I had not yet decided whether I really wanted to embark on a whole new career as a Yoga teacher, or whether I simply wished to deepen my own knowledge and share it with close friends and family. Either way the tools and techniques learned through these hours greatly improved my confidence.

The Yoga philosophy classes in turn exercised my spirit and soul and I loved delving into the ancient scriptures and understanding the simplicity of the values they preached. More than any religion, the principles of Yoga appeared to mirror the basic moral principles of humanity where practicing reflection, kindness and respect is the key. This simple yogic lifestyle resonated in me the path that I had been trying to follow for many years, and having such an ancient map to keep me on course as much as possible felt so empowering.

Learning the discipline of silence and meditation was most rewarding. Allowing myself the space to slow down, to really tune in and connect to the essence of my Self and to learn to listen to that inner voice that speaks from the soul… This was the greatest gift, this gift of freedom to follow my own path.

I shared those wonderful hours with some truly amazing people. Some of whom I connected with immediately and continued my journey with after the course ended, others whom I learned to appreciate more and more as time went on. The experience united us all as we humbly supported and encouraged each other through both fun and difficult times. This bond continues, and we are all still in touch, reuniting in person or simply sending each other messages of love and light and genuine warm wishes.

Paradoxically, although time seemed to slow down, the 200 hour YTTC went by too fast. The routine was simply beautiful – waking with the sun, greeting my fellow peers and new friends in warm and friendly silence, breathing deeply together in a moving meditation of asanas, chanting our way towards dharana and extending our life span through powerful pranayamas. All before breakfast!

I left feeling like the person I was born to be. Detoxed from outside influences. Pure in only myself. Grateful for every single experience and Being that is already and has yet to come into my life.

If you are considering a yoga teacher training course at all…log on to Shree Hari Yoga website or contact them directly about their courses in North and South India. Just know that it will enhance and colour your world in so many more ways than you can imagine.



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