Stepping into 2017 with Sankalpa

“Everything that happens in the Universe starts with Intention”

-Deepak Chopra

May I be open to all the possibilities of joy and contentment this next Year has to offer”.

Another year is over and ’tis the season for reflecting on times past – what this year meant for us; what we feel we achieved; what we feel we lost. The natural next thought is to make plans for the year coming. We have a new chance, so what would we like to do? What would we like to achieve?

It is tempting to frame these “New Year’s Resolutions” in a negative almost apologetic or regrettable fashion. “I will make more time with family and friends”; “I will lose weight”; “I will excerise more” etc etc. Often, these resolutions can actually leave us feeling guilty or bad about ourselves, thus dampening motivation to improve especially if we feel we are failing to meet them.

Perhaps there is a more positive, resilient or powerful way to approaching this?

In Sanskrit, the word Sankalpa means “will, purpose, determination”. In using Sankalpa, we can step positively and determinately towards the New Year and towards a more connected and understood You. Instead of trying to fight a negative aspect of ourselves, we can try to understand the feelings and thoughts behind them, opening ourselves to the Universe and reflecting globally.

So how exactly do we set a Sankalpa as opposed to an Resolution?

Firstly we must take the time to look inwards and truly reflect. Rather than simply jotting down typical intentions for the year ahead, perhaps there is a way of grounding these intentions into feelings. Consider how you would like to feel in the coming year. Next, try to create a personal phrase or mantra that will describe this, remembering to be open to all of the possibilities that may be on offer. “May I be open to all the possibilities of joy and contentment this Year”.

Stay true to your mantra and refer to it on a daily basis in whatever way you can – repeat it during your Yoga practice or meditation; post it to your fridge or computer; recite it before sleep each night.

Energy flows where intention goes. So, move joyfully  to this next chapter.

Happy New Year!SHY LOGO



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