Slowly but surely

“True progress is slow but sure” 

-Swami Vivekananda


“Slowly but surely”. This is a phrase that has been uttered both to me and by me more often than usual in the past number of weeks.

It speaks for so many things and I have to admit these three words annoyed me for a long long time! Really, I am still getting used to them 🙂

But it’s true. Sometimes we have no choice but to take things more slowly. We may be used to a different pace of living and we may find ourselves having to adjust to a new way. All things in life are fluid, and ever-changing, and this is of course reflected in our minds and bodies. We will not always be able to do the things we want to do, or at the speed we would like to. Our minds and our bodies may send us messages that we need to listen to and give respect to. And in receiving these messages, we may need to learn and re-learn patience.

This can be a challenge to us. But the consideration is at what cost is it to ignore this message? Our own minds and bodies are our greatest teachers. They do not speak from ego. They speak from love and kindness. They remind us that we need to extend compassion to ourselves and accept that sometimes rest is needed.

And here is where the phrase is helpful to me. Slowly, but surely. Yes we may have to go slow. But it does not mean we stop, or indeed go backwards. No. We continue. There is still movement. Still progress. Still change. And if we move “surely” we may learn even more than just going quickly through the motions. In going “slowly but surely”, we are allowing space for reflection. For genuine consideration in what we are doing. For conscious mindful thought to what it is we are doing.

There is strength in this phrase. A kind of power and resilience. It demonstrates confidence in what we are doing. We are making the choice to act, In a way that is correct and right for our own selves in this moment.

Yoga, like so many things in life, is a personal journey which takes time. Perhaps you have found yourself getting frustrating with your practice. You may be finding it difficult to commit to a daily practice, or perhaps you are struggling to master a new asana. Whatever it is, remember that slow progress is better than no progress. We must stay patient and trust the journey, slowly but surely .

Love light and patience.





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