What does Yoga really do to my mind and body?



Yoga is increasingly becoming more and more popular and the benefits of Yoga are now well known. Many people of all ages are turning to Yoga as a source of release from the daily tensions that arise in our busy lifestyles. Others are utilizing Yoga for physical exercise but what many don’t realize is that Yoga is giving an inner insight to know more about the self, about the mind.

When we correctly do a Yoga asana (pose) our body is aligned. When we feel our body in correct alignment what else is affected? Actually what is mostly affected from the movement of our body is our mind. If our body is correctly aligned, therefore our mind is in alignment.

When our body and mind is in alignment with each other our inner power, which normally lies dormant, begins to blossom and allows complete bliss to flow through the mind and body. This process of alignment also initiates an introduction to our true self.

Practicing yoga revives this dormant energy I just mentioned and awakes our inner power. These exercises rejuvenate our tissues and help to form new cells throughout our body. Yoga is actually reinstating a fresh energy in your body!

According to the laws of physiology, when the body contracts and expands energy is developed and this energy is used to cure diseases and regenerate our cells. This is achieved through the help of different Yogic asanas (poses).

Yoga is stretching and creating spaces in your body which leaves room for healing and strength to arise. Through completing Yogic asanas we also create these spaces in the mind which can clear out old patterns and conditioning of thought that may be haunting our daily lives.

Lets focus more on what Yoga is doing to our mind since the pains that arise in our physical body are from thoughts that arise in the mind. Yoga is a special tool, we can say, which makes the mind reach its subtler, softer state. Yoga is dexterity in action. The dexterity is in maintaining relaxation and awarenss when there is action. Learning to be relaxed in action, like when holding a Yoga pose and being able to feel relaxed in it, is the process to learn how to be relaxed in the daily action in our day to day lives that challenges us on many levels, emotionally and mentally.

Therefore, Yoga is not just an exercise but is a skillful science of gaining mastery over the mind. At Shree Hari Yoga School in Upper Bhagsu, Dharamshala, India we focus on this alignment of mind and body so that our students can achieve full relaxation and complete every Yogic asana in the correct way to avoid injury or creating more tensions. Hari focuses on this mastery over mind and encourages his students to walk this path through every aspect of their lives.


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