The Quest to maintain the 5 Yogic Personality Developments

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‘The Quest to maintain the 5 Yogic Personality Developments’

The search begins – this rewarding quest starts with just one step in the right direction which will unfold a new life of balance and happiness that everyone can find in Yoga.

In our last blog ‘The 5 Levels of Yogic Personality Development’ we detailed the levels and what they mean and what one can achieve once they balance this level of their personality through Yoga.

The many benefits of Yoga are mentioned in various texts but in 5 simple steps I am going to outline the process to achieve an all around Yogic personality development within yourself that you can do right from home!

  1. Deep relaxation at a muscular level

This is important for one that wants to develop their personality in a positive way through Yoga. When practicing Yoga we must have deep relaxation in all our muscles so that we may easily move in and out of asanas (poses). This also relates to our life – through yoga we train the mind to also be relaxed and able to easily go in and come out of all situations.

  1. Slowing down of breath and maintain balance at pranic level

This is achieved through practicing Pranayama which is Yogic breathing. In our coming blogs we will be doing a series called ‘Am I breathing?’ which will detail all the different Pranayama’s and explain what Prana is.

  1. Increase creative and willpowers at mental level

Once we relax and allow our mind to rest our creativity can more easily flow and we will find our inner strength and a strong willpower that will give us energy to achieve our greatest dreams.

  1. Enhancing the happiness of lie and equipoise at emotional level and manifesting the innate divinity in main in all aspects of life


  1. Sharpening the intellect and calming down the mind at intellectual level


Yoga is not only a process for leading a man or woman towards this astounding hidden personality we hold within but it is giving us mastery over the body, mind, intellect and emotional faculties. IT is also a powerful tool to manifest the hidden potential we have within.

Yoga can accomplish an all around personality development as it teaches us how to deal with the daily problems of life and brings bliss into our lives. It is for this reason that yoga is also becoming so popular in all parts of our globe just as science and technology grew popular in society so is yoga.

Yoga is a science applicable to all; it does not discriminate of age, sex, cast, race or religion.

The yogic way of life answers the quest of man. The practice of yoga is a vital role in the growth of humans to increase social harmony and peace which will help to form the ideal society of peace and happiness.  We are in this transition now as we move from an era of science and technology to an era of yoga and spirituality.

Om Namah Shivaya


~Shree Hari Yoga~



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