The 5 levels of Yogic Personality Development

The 5 levels of Yogic Personality Development

Yoga offers a conscious process to solve the menacing problems of unhappiness, restlessness, emotional upset, hyperactivity and the other issues that arise in our daily lives which cause unbalance in our bodies. Yoga is helping to evoke the hidden potentialities of man in a systematic and scientific way which man can become a fuller more complete individual.

  1. The physical level

Now, we must make this clear. The physical personality development would not imply to a bulky body weighing in at 100 kg. The ideal body has the following features that are achieved through correct Yoga practice:

  • A proportionate body with all muscles relaxed in a normal state. The muscles must be soft like a flower and flexible at the core.
  • Instantaneously it can acquire hardness lieka diamond. All organs and systems in the body are working in harmony and with no abnormalities.
  • Any chronic and acute ailments vanish and become absent in such a pure body.


  1. The mental level

The power of imaginative creativity and steadfastness are two aspects of the mind which are developed within the mental level.

A strong willpower is an essential requirement that needs to be developed for all people so that they can accomplish tasks at the purest level.

When we practice yoga we see through its systematic and conscious process of calming down the mind all weakness in the mind becomes erased and the mind build a will power at its core that is unshakeable.

  1. The emotional level

Yoga trains us to systematically sharpen and sensitize our emotions. We are consciously expanding and diffusing the overtones of this sensitivity in the mind that ultimately leads us to react unconsciously.

Therefore we can say yoga ignites the fire in the mind allowing us to digest our emotions and feelings properly so that the development of the emotional personality of a man can begin.

  1. The intellectual level

A sharp intellect plays a key role in the scheme of education of any field. Rather than mechanically cramming information into our minds in a stressful way we should be focusing on understanding the topics that we learn at the base level in a relaxed way as this is more beneficial to the learning process. Ultimate absorption of information is then possible.

Children are taght from primary level to think logically and scientifically. The capacity to analyze and correlate relevant information forms the base of our intellect.

The development of personality at the intellectual level should not only result in an intesnse sharpening of the intellect but also include a mastery to come out of the enslaving power of the sharpened intellect.

Concentration is the expression , precision is the outcome.

“Swami Vivekananda, therefore, rightly emphasized ‘concentration and detachment’ as the two vital parts of education. Not only should it be possible for one to dive deep into any subject but also be able to come out of it at eny moment. It is again the specialty of yoga that can bring about this comprehensive development of intellect. As we know, yoga emphasizes the skill to calm down the mind and it is the skill to pacify the mind that brings the capacity to detach completely.”

  1. The Spiritual Level

The self existent lord made the sense out going. Therefore, one sees the outer things and not the inner self. A rare, courageous person, desiring immortality, turns his eyes away and then sees the indwelling self in full form.

Normally all of us are so structured that we look mostly outside of ourselves at the external environment. The senses grap things around them, holding strongly to these, and predominatly we spend the whole life in understanding the world outside, solving problems associated with it, using such knowledge to make our life more comfortable and enjoyable, bring up our children to perpetuate and susteain the society around us, striving to set patterns of behavior and etiquettes of transation, and so on.

We are busy through out our whole lives. Some let go of these conditional patterns of life and glimpse into the depth of our inner dienstion. Occasionally we receive flashes throughout our lives of this inner dimension but some people are fearful of the unknown dimension hidden within that will actually release them from the suffering they have grown to think was life.

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Om Namah Shivaya


~Shree Hari Yoga~




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  1. June Potts says:

    Very impressive and helpful article, thank you


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