Why is it important to take Yoga Teacher Training?

You have heard about the many benefits of yoga and how adding yoga to your daily routine can help to change your life.

Many people wake up early in the morning and wake up their body by doing Yoga postures that invigorate every cell of their body.

Throughout the day you experience a more peaceful mind and over a longer time your skin will radiate, your weight will decrease and your body will feel more strong and flexible resulting in overall good health!

In other words, you can say that yoga improves your entire body functions.

To achieve the best results, it is important to understand the postures of yoga then only you can enjoy the vast benefits.

To learn the postures, benefits, mediation and many other beneficial aspects of Yoga we must take a course specially developed to touch on all the important areas of the large subject of Yoga.

Within India there are many ashrams and school dedicated to sharing this important knowledge of Yoga and train their students to incorporate it into their daily lives.

A Yoga Teacher Training is spread out over 1 month and can easily prepare a person to become a Yoga teacher or equip them with a firm practice that they can do daily for themselves.

At Shri Hari Yoga in Dharamshala, India there is a balance of all aspects of the Yoga practice which includes different types of Yoga catering for all students. Hari believes that a student should be prepared with different styles of Yoga as this helps one to help a wider range of people. Hari teaches his students to experience the Yoga and learn through feeling this unique way of life.

The most important benefit of practicing Yoga is that it keeps you fit and healthy physically, emotionally and mentally. The core of the Yogic practice is postures, pranayama and meditation.

When joining Shri Hari Yoga for a teacher training the professionals will teach you the basic yoga postures and after 2-3 days will start teaching a wider range of postures that will get every cell in your body vibrating with positive energy.

Hari understands that the students can feel difficulty in the yoga positions at the beginning so he starts slow so all students can be up to the same capacity for learning.

After a 1 month Yoga Teacher Training at Shri Hari Yoga each and every student will experience a change in their overall health mentally and physically. One can experience more determination, motivation, happiness, balance in the mind and peace. The body will feel fit and energetic as muscles that may have never been used are now stretched and active.

Completing a Yoga Teacher Training helps first the student and then others as the student becomes more developed in their practice they are able to share this wonderful knowledge with others in their community. Sharing peace, happiness and health so that we all can be more aware and in tune with our body.




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