‘Am I breathing?’ – The Pranayama Series

‘Am I breathing?’

The Pranayama Series

From the moment we are born we gasp for air naturally as we enter this world. But have you ever asked yourself how do you breathe? Am I breathing correctly? Am I breathing too fast? Am I breathing deep enough? Where does my breathe go? Does it go to my lower abdomen or only to my upper chest?

All these questions are very important for anyone interested in Yoga as breathing correctly in each pose can help you sink deeper and relax into the poses achieving the benefits.

This series of 7 blogs released over the next week will be detailing the 7 different types of Pranayama which is the art of breathing.

The 7 types we will be going into detail with are:

  1. Dirga Pranayama – Yogic Breathing
  2. Anuloma viloma
  3. Ujjayi
  4. Bhastrika
  5. Kapal bhati
  6. Shitali
  7. Plavini
  8. Suryabhedana
  9. Bhramari

The Sanskrit word for these breathing practices is called Pranayama. Pranayama is both the science and art of purifying the nadis in the Pranamaya Kosha. Through reulated breathing it is possible to control the prana which is the vital energetic force in the body. Prana is our life force energy, our breath, our air, what creates energy in the body.

Pranayama is the process by which such conscious control is achieved through synchronized breathing. It purifies the channels along which the life stream of ‘prana’ flow and helps to prevent and even cure a variety of physical and mental ailments. In the process, it also increases one’s overall immunity and resistance to disease.

The simple introduction of one or two of these Pranayama’s to your Yoga or daily routine can change your energy levels, your outlook on life, positive mind, release tensions and anxiety, help the mind to be more clear and overall create a more happy you!

Stay tuned for the coming blogs to learn more about Pranayama and how Hari Ji teaches Pranayama to his students at the Shree Hari Yoga School in Upper Bhagsu, Dharmashala, North India. Hari Ji’s favourite place to practice these breathing excercises is at his school situated in the beautiful Himalayas as the air here is so pure. When the beautiful Himalayan air fills your lungs you will never want to breathe another air again.

Om Namah Shivaya


~Shree Hari Yoga~


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